Swimming Pool Automatic Cabinet

The Great Pool Pvt.Ltd. was is situated in Lahore. It was established 19 April 2018 by Mr. Zahoor Ghafoor. The company deals in the business of construction of all swimming pool sizes ranging from domestic to commercial use of in any size, shape or design. We are the greatest importers of swimming pool automatic cabinet of well known brands of the world in Pakistan.

A piece of equipment called an automatic cabinet is used in swimming pools to automate and regulate numerous functions. These cabinets can be programmed to carry out a number of tasks and can be tailored to match the special requirements of a particular pool.
Some common features of an automatic cabinet for a swimming pool may include:
1. Control of the pool’s filtration system, including the pump and filter, is possible with the cabinet’s programming.
2. Chemical dosing: Based on pre-set schedules or readings of the water chemistry, the cabinet can be configured to automatically dispense chemicals like chlorine or pH adjusters.
3. Heating control: The cabinet may regulate the pool’s heating system, changing the temperature in accordance with preset parameters or a predetermined timetable.
4. Control of the pool’s lighting system, including the use of energy-efficient LED lights, is possible with the cabinet.
5. Control of water features: The cabinet can be designed to manage water features including fountains, waterfalls, and jets in accordance with human input or pre-established schedules.
6. Monitoring and diagnostics: The cabinet may display real-time data on a number of pool characteristics, including chlorine levels, pH levels, and water temperature. In the event of a malfunction, it can also offer diagnostic data, assisting with speedy diagnosis and problem-solving.
Overall, an automatic cabinet for a pool can assist to simplify pool upkeep, increase energy effectiveness, and guarantee the best possible water quality and comfort for swimmers. For pool owners and operators wishing to automate and optimize their pool operations, these cabinets can be tailored to match the unique requirements of a certain pool.