Swimming Pool Equipment

The Great Pool Pvt. Ltd. is the largest importer and wholesale dealer of astral and other well-known brands of swimming pool equipment in Pakistan. We have been working with these brands since 19 April 2018. We carry a large selection of Astral pool, Spa products, steam and sauna products, Jacuzzi products, and the material of waterfalls including Astral Pool Filter parts, Heaters,  Equipment, Heat Pumps,  Filters, Skimmers, Ozonators, Inlets, Vacuum, Sand Filter, Deck Box, Ladders, Astral Filter, Lights, Jacuzzi jets,  main drain, Equipment kit, Swimming Pool Pump, premium Pool and Spa Equipment, Viron Equilibrium Chlorinator With Bluetooth Control, Astral Victoria Plus Three Phase Pool Pump. Astral Pool Vacuum Head, Astral Pool Pumps, Filter & Chlorinator, Astral Pool Spain, Water Treatment Equipment, and Astral pool maintenance kit for all swimming pool types for residential and commercial usage.

Swimming Pool Equipment Supplier

The Great Pool Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized distributor and supplier of swimming pool equipment, accessories, and pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan. We supply swimming pool products and also the other well-known brands of the world to the major cities of Pakistan.

Sand Filter

Additionally, People use sand filters as a step in the water treatment process of water purification. A sand filter is just a tank filled with sand that is attached to our pool’s filtration system .The sand in the tank traps particles and trash that would otherwise return to the pool when the water flows through it .This results in cleaner, clearer water.

Why is a sand filter better?

However, a sand filter will only filter down to 20 microns, whereas a cartridge filter will filter down to 10 microns, half the amount. This means that a cartridge filter system will be able to rid our pool of more particles (dirt and debris) leaving it cleaner and more sparkling. Having a cloudy pool will be a thing of the past.

Swimming Pool Chiller

A swimming pool chiller is a piece of equipment that helps cool down the water in your pool. An electric device called a pool chiller moves and cools the water in the swimming pool. In addition swimming pool’s temperature naturally decreases as water circulates. Adding features like waterfalls can further cool the pool. A pool chiller can help maintain refreshing temperatures by increasing airflow. It reduces the need for constant pool pump operation, extending its lifespan. Furthermore, some chillers are integrated with heat pumps, while others are standalone units.

Swimming Pool Skimmer

A variety of components, including a pool skimmer, make up the filtration system of a pool. By filtering out dirt, leaves, and other debris, this system aids in maintaining the pool’s water’s cleanliness.
The pool pump draws in the water, filters it, and returns it to the pool. Alternatively, the pool pump operates the same way: drawing, filtering, and returning clean water.  You may take the skimmer basket out and empty it. The pool skimmer, which is the initial component of the pool cleaning system, must be used for pool maintenance. The pool pump sucks water from the pool into the skimmer door, where it enters the skimmer and flows into the skimmer basket. The skimmer basket collects any large debris to prevent the pool pump from getting blocked.

Swimming Pool Construction

The Great Pool Pvt Ltd has a team of expert engineers who know the art of designing swimming pools. Moreover, we provide complete turnkey solutions, which include designing and constructing swimming pools. As a result, People regard us as the most reliable swimming pool construction company in Pakistan.