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The Great Pool Pvt.Ltd. was is situated in Lahore. It was established 19 April 2018 by Mr. Zahoor Ghafoor. The company deals in the business of construction of all swimming pool sizes ranging from domestic to commercial use of in any size, shape or design. We are the greatest importers of swimming pool chillers of well known brands of the world in Pakistan.

A swimming pool chiller is a piece of equipment that helps cool down the water in your pool. It is an electric device called a pool chiller moves and cools the water in the swimming pool. The temperature of swimming pool will naturally drop as the water circulates, which is why adding running water features like a waterfall also has a cooling impact. However, a pool chiller can intervene and keeps the water moving with extra airflow to make it much more refreshing, preventing you from operating your pool pump nonstop and wearing it out. Some chillers are integrated with heat pumps, while others are standalone units.

How does it work?

Cooling fans are switched on as water moves through the swimming pool chiller machine to further reduce the water’s temperature before it is pumped back into the pool. By the time the water has finished moving through the chiller, a typical pool chiller should have lowered the water’s temperature by between 5 and 10 degrees.

A pool chiller without a pool heater:-

It’s a good idea to add a pool chiller to your heat pump if you want a pool heater, but as we’ve already mentioned, not all pool chillers are heater/chiller combination. There are still several independent pool chillers offered by various manufacturers if you don’t want a combined device.


  • We can increase water circulation.
  • We can also cool down the water temperature, preventing algae growth.
  • We can save on the costs of pool chemicals. Since they evaporate quicker in the summer.

Life span of a swimming pool

The average pool chiller lifespan lasts between 10 and 20 years, depending on the brand, how well you maintain it, and how often you use it.

When may a pool chiller be installed?

A pool chiller can be installed whenever you wish, just like a pool heater. It makes no difference if you just installed a pool or have had one for ten years. When you’re ready to purchase a pool chiller, they are often simple to install and run.

Keep in mind: If you intend to purchase a pool heat pump along with a pool chiller, you must do it at the same time as the heater. Your heat pump cannot later be upgraded to include a pool chiller.


Every year, at least a few days in most cities have high temperatures, and on those days, we’re most likely to head to the pool. Because of this, installing a pool chiller can benefit just about everybody. However, certain factors, such as the following, can make a pool chiller more of a requirement than an option:

  • You occupy a very warm environment.
  • Your pool has a dark bottom.
  • The depth of your pool is under 6.5 feet.
  • Pebbles or tiles are used to finish off your pool.

In regions with year-round high temperatures in the 50s and above, pool chillers are highly useful. A pool chiller can help to lower the water’s temperature to a comfortable level if you test it and discover that it has risen above 50 degrees. Your pool is more likely to heat up to an uncomfortable temperature if it is shallower than 6.5 feet, especially if it has a coloured finish (whereas pools that are 8 feet or deeper might not get as warm). A chiller is a fantastic alternative for owners of gunite pools because pebble and tile finishes are frequently prone to heat the pool water.

The great pool a swimming pool construction company. We are the importers of swimming pool chillers. We import swimming pool chillers from highly reputed firms from China, U.K, Australia and from other countries of Europe. We also construct high-quality swimming pool for our customers throughout Pakistan. If you have questions about our system contact our office and we’ll be glad to assist you and don’t forget to visit our website and to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, you tube channel and Twitter.

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